How to Use Groups on Social Media to Grow Your Business

Use Groups on Social Media

Today is a good social media lesson. Although I think there is something important to learn in every post I share, I’m excited to share today’s lesson. I think what I’m sharing today has been one of the biggest ways so far that social media has helped me to grow my blog. I don’t have the biggest numbers but I’m growing at a steady pace and have been for awhile. Social media has played a big part of my growth. How I’ve done that is what this site is about.

Connecting with others on social media is a great way to grow your blog traffic and build connections with your readers and other bloggers. One way to do that is to discover the power of using groups in social media. 

I have found that one of the best ways to get the maximum growth from a platform is to use groups on the platforms that have groups. Facebook has groups, Pinterest has group boards. You can make lists on Twitter and there are groups in Google +. I have tried out all of these.

The ones I really utilize though are group boards on Pinterest and Facebook groups. I’m tired tonight and wrote really long posts in this series this week. So tonight I’m taking the easier route and sharing some really great resources you can check out about groups.

I am in a lot of Facebook and Pinterest groups and at some point I will share my favorites and why they are my favorites but for now here are some posts to get you familiar with groups.

Facebook Groups

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Pinterest Group Boards

  1. How to find group boards on Pinterest 
  2. How to get invited to group boards
  3. How to create a group board

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