How To See Your Subscribers on YouTube?

How To See Your Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform on the internet. It has millions of content creators uploading videos every now and then. More importantly, YouTube has billions of viewers and subscribers all over the internet watching these contents and supporting its creators.

When a viewer subscribes/ follows a creator channel, they are called subscribers. These subscribers are one of the most important things for a content creator on YouTube.

Subscribers tell how much your channel is growing and how much potential your channel has.

Overall, it is the measurement of the success of a channel. But it is not as simple as counting your total subscribers. There is more.

You need to know how many active subscribers you have, how many of them are popular, and many other things. Let us look at them.

How to See Your Subscribers on YouTube Channel?

Subscribers are the biggest success count of your channel than views on your videos. YouTube even gives out silver, gold, and diamond Play button awards to the creators of a channel when they hit a subscriber’s milestone. So can you see your progress towards that milestone? Yes, you can.

All you need to do is go to your channel dashboard. But before that, you will need to log in to your account first.

Click on YouTube studio and sign in to the account that you have created the channel with. Then you will be taken to your account dashboard.

Usually, that is the case, but if not, click on your account bubble on the top right corner of the skin. Then click on the dashboard.

On the dashboard, all information about your account is given. in the dashboard, the. you have more options like analytics to understand your subscribers better. However, you are to look for the Recent Subscribers card.

This card will have all your subscribers’ names on a list. Click on the card to open it. Scroll down and click the Expand section. Now you will be able to view 50 of your subscribers on one page.

However, you will have to do one more thing. Click on the period box and select “Lifetime”. Now scroll down and click on the next page and do this again and again to see your subscribers.

Now, we think it would have been a lot better if this could be changed into a single list view of one page.

One thing you should note down is that this list/ subscribers card will not contain the names of all of your channel’s subscribers. You will often find fewer people on the list than your total subscribers count.

Why? That is because there are two types of subscribers. Public and private. You will only see public subscribers on the list but not the private.

How to See Private Subscribers on YouTube?

Having private subscribers can be a big hassle, or for some, it is a welcomed occurrence.

Who are private subscribers? Are They any different from our channel’s regular subscribers? 

Private subscribers are almost as similar as our channel’s regular/ public subscribers with a few distinct differences. For one, private subscribers will not be visible to any channel they subscribe to.

They are hidden and even if you find their channel/ account, you will not be able to see their subscription list. There is a way of viewing your channel’s private subscribers. Whenever someone subscribes to your channel, you will receive a notification.

This notification even works for private subscribers. Then you will be able to check their account from that notification.

But you cannot view their account in your subscription list. So there is really no way of viewing all your private subscriber’s accounts.

One of the main reasons why people keep their subscription private to you or anyone’s channel is that when they subscribe, you will receive a notification and as a good caring content creator, you are most likely to subscribe back to their account/ channel. Later when they unsubscribe, you will not get any notification of that.

That is the main reason why most people keep their account subscription private, to steal your subscription in their channel.

There is no actual way available on YouTube at the moment to view all your private subscribers in a list because that would ruin the purpose of being a private subscriber.

But you can count how many private subscribers you have that comes in handy in your analytics.

For that you will need to count all your public subscribers from the list we mentioned in the previous section and then subtract the total number of public subscribers from your total channel subscribers.

Does that mean that those private subscribers will not get my videos on their YouTube feed? They will and they will also be able to view them like any normal subscribers and it will contribute towards your view, revenue, and other factors of the channel.

How to See Which of Your Subscribers are the Most Popular?

As a growing YouTuber, it is crucial for the creators to know his/ her channel’s subscribers. This gives them a better idea of what is his/ her channel’s target market and who are the competitors.

Surprisingly you can find that out using your YouTube subscribers list. If you can see the most popular subscriber of your channel, you can easily imagine your channel’s position in this ever-growing platform of YouTube.

So how do you find your most popular subscriber? Let us ask you this first, what do you think a popular YouTube subscriber of your channel will have? Subscribers on their account.

If you can find out your subscriber’s subscribers count, you can easily point out the most popular subscriber of your channel and even find your competing YouTube channels.

So how do we do that? Simple, just go to your recent subscriber’s card. Follow all the guidelines from the “How to see your channel subscribers on YouTube?” You will also need to change the period from the last 90 days to Lifetime. Now all your subscribers will be shown.

Select the expand section and each page will show 50 subscribers. You will also see those accounts/ channels subscriber counts beside their name, and also the date they subscribed to your channel.

Usually, the list is sorted as channels with the most subscribers, so the name on top of the list is your most popular subscriber (make sure that the period is set to “Lifetime”).

Now you may see some popular channel names here. Those channels will be your competitors in your niche.

So make sure to keep an eye on those channels, which you can do more effectively by subscribing back to their channel. You can do that from the recent subscriber’s card.

How To See Your Subscribers on YouTube

How to See Other People’s Subscribers on YouTube?

Viewing other people’s subscribers on YouTube is actually very useful if you do a deep search for the development of your channel. In the past, it was a thing.

You could actually see how many and specifically who are subscribed to a channel. You could do that by searching for the channel.

Then enter the channel, go to the about section of the channel, and then you will see its subscribers count. Click on it and you will be able to view who has subscribed on that channel.

This was a thing in the past. It is no longer possible to do that on YouTube. Apparently, YouTube has changed a lot throughout the decade and does not allow anyone to view others’ subscription lists. There are some privacy intervention problems they say.

So yes, there is no possible way for you to view other’s subscribers on YouTube. So don’t bother to waste your time looking for it.

But you can still get their subscribers count, which could be very helpful and help you to set up a goal in your full-time YouTube career.

Does the Subscriber Count Matter Much?

Actually, Yes. But sometimes, it is just a number for the show. Your channel can have thousands of fake subscribers. Then that will be worthless. What matters is your channel’s real number of subscribers and the number of views on each of your videos.

Here is a hypothetical scenario. Suppose your channel has 40 million subscribers, but on each video, you have 100K views. That is not appreciated, and your channel is not near the amount of success I should have gotten from 40 million subscribers.

If you have 10 million subscribers and can get a million views per video, that would be considered successful.


The number of subscribers in your channel is a fun thing to play with. It tells a lot about your channel’s growth and success. But the true success of your channel does not rely only on subscribers count. The views on your videos also matter.

So play around with your subscribers and use the analytics function to find out new things about your subscribers and use it to your advantage. The more genuine subscribers you will get, the better your channel will be on YouTube.

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